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Leading and or following your over dimensional load. Lead escort is responsible for many different duties, from confirming routing to warning the public of the presence of a following over dimensional to warning the truck driver of roadside hazards.  Rear escorts generally follow behind the load to warn the public of a leading over dimensional load.

What We Do

On board Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment Equipped

Orange hard hat
(2) Orange safety vest (Class 2 & Class 3)
18"-24" STOP/SLOW paddle
(9) Reflective triangles
(8) Burning flares
Flashlight w/minimum 1.5" lens (extra batteries)
6-in minimum traffic wand
(2) 10lb. Fire Extinguishers
(3) 18-in. red/orange cones
(4) 18-24 in. red/orange grommet flags
(4) 18-24 in. red/orange flagstick
(2) 18x72 Oversize Load signs
(1) 40 channel  CB radio /Two-way radio

(1) Handheld  CB radio / Two - way radio

APPROVED by the following companies


         TII Logistics
         American Transport Inc
         GreenTree Transportation
         Aetna Freight Lines
         American Wind Transport Group
         ATI Trucking
         Marathon Transport Inc.
         Specialized Inc.
         Shuman Specialize Transportation
         Emmert International

            Straitline Transportation LLC.


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Pilot Car Escort Service

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